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Auto Machine Shop Services

Bore Engine Block
A bore is the diameter measurement of the cylinders in an engine. When the engine cylinder walls are damaged, the holes must be re-drilled to make them bigger for proper performance. This is referred to as a bored engine. Boring an engine is an economical alternative to buying a new one. By boring the engine block, the engine is reverted to its good running condition. You will now have fewer repair bills, better gas mileage, and overall better performance. To have your engine bored by engine experts, visit or call 479-273-2227 Bill's Automotive today. Our machine shop has the necessary machinery and staff to bore your car's engine block.

Heavy-Duty Services
From time to time, your car will need heavy-duty machine work. You can trust the experts at Bill's Automotive in Bentonville, AR 72712. Call us at 479-273-2227 or drop by today.

Used Oil Drop-Off Location
Recycling used oil from your car is simple and good for the environment. To have your used oil recycled, you need to take it to a used oil drop-off location like Bill's Automotive. We collect used oil for recycling as a service to our customers and the environment. Give us a call today 479-273-2227.


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